Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

1v1 Double Elimination Tournament


Player fee

$20 closes Aug 21

Pay with Cash

Free closes Aug 21

Availability 40 remaining

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5:00 PM
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Daily Age 14+

1v1 Double Elimination on Nintendo Switch
Will have variety of controllers available.
10 players entered: Grand Prize
11 players entered: Grand Prize
12 players entered: Grand Prize
13 players entered: Grand Prize
Etc. Till 30 players entered
Grand Prize: 1st $200
2nd $40
3rd $20

Must be 15 years of age or older to enter. Under 18, need a parent or guardian consent.

Bring your registration confirmation to the event.

Failure to show up after registering will result in no refunds.

Best 2 out of 3
Style: Stock

Stock: 3

Time Limit: 7 minutes

FS Meter: Off

Damage Handicap: Off

Items: Off and None

Stage Hazards: Off

Launch Rate: 1.0x

Score Display: Off

Show Damage: Yes

First Match: Characters are chosen double-blind
The loser of the first match (and of successive matches) chooses the next stage, and then the winner chooses their character, and then the loser chooses their character.
Loser may pick either a neutral stage or a counterpick stage. The loser cannot choose any stage that has already been played earlier in that round.

Legal Stages: Battlefield and any battlefield variant except those listed in the next sub-section
Final Destination and any omega variant except those listed in the next sub-section
Pokémon Stadium 2
Kalos Pokémon League
Town & City
Yoshi’s Island

Illegal Stages(including omega and battlefield variants): Dream Land GB
Flatzone X
Mario Maker
Mute City SNES
Duck Hunt

Mii Fighters: All Mii fighter moveset combinations are legal
Once a player has played a Mii fighter in a match, they must stick with the same movesets for that specific Mii fighter style (Gunner, Brawler, and Swordfighter)
Players must inform their opponent of the Mii fighter’s moveset before the game begins if the opponent requests.

Aspire Gamers League
Players aspiring to be somebody.