Madden 20

Madden 20

1v1 Tournament Double Elimination


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$20 closes Aug 14

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Free closes Aug 14

Availability 40 remaining

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7:00 PM
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Daily Age 15+

1v1 Double Elimination on PS4
10 players entered: Grand Prize
11 players entered: Grand Prize
12 players entered: Grand Prize
13 players entered: Grand Prize
Etc. Till 30 players entered
Grand Prize: 1st $150 A Madden 21 Copy
2nd $20
3rd $10

Must be 15 years of age or older to enter. Under 18, need a parent or guardian consent.

Bring your registration confirmation to the event.

Failure to show up after registering will result in no refunds.

Game Mode: Head to Head

Quarter Length: 5 minutes

Play Clock: 40 second (default, cannot change)

Skill Level: All Madden

Weather: Clear

Injuries: 0

Fatigue: 50

Accelerated Clock: Off

Game Speed: Normal

Game Style: Competitive

Event Type: Quick Preseason

Auto Sprint: Default On

Auto Strafe: Default On

Heat Seeker: Default On

Ball Hawk: Default On

Switch Assist: Default Off

Auto Play Flip: Off

Camera Settings: Standard

No player substitutions may be made at any point during the match.
Players may only pause the match in order to issue a challenge against a call. For reasons other than challenging a call, players may not at any point use the pause feature during gameplay.

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